Esse 0-106 Fern Green cooker



This model can go down to an extremely low temperature in order to conserve energy but is still ready to fire into action when you want to cook. In this way, it is able to reach cooking temperatures very quickly.

The control panel for the oil cooker is unobtrusively housed behind the large, left door. This cooker is programmable to come on and off to suit your family schedule or you can simply use it manually, as and when you choose. The cooker and boiler on the central heating model each have their own burner so they can be controlled entirely independently of each other. You can choose to have your cooker on without the heating or vice versa.

Described by one owner as a ‘cooker for all seasons’ the ESSE oil model with central heating allows a wealth of options to find the perfect warm and welcoming atmosphere for your home. This cooker is so quick to get up to cooking temperature, you can confidently turn it right down when you’re not using it.On slightly chilly evenings you might leave the cooker on to gently radiate warmth into the room, or on cold nights – simply turn the central heating up to suit you and your family.

With two capacious ovens and a large cast iron hotplate, the ESSE oil cooker has a huge amount of cooking options – but don’t be daunted by its potential. It is perfect for coping with the demands of dinner parties and Sunday roasts, but it is so energy efficient, it is just as suited to simply boiling a pan of potatoes.

With the hotplate’s different temperature zones there is no delay going from boiling to simmering, simply move your pan across to the appropriate area.

The oven burner will use 0.6 ltr for the first hour from cold and 0.25 ltr per hour to maintain a constant high oven temperature thereafter.

Max Kilowatt Rating


Kilowatt Output



  • Width: mm
  • Height: mm
  • Depth: 660mm
  • Flue Size: 5 inches