Chimney Surveying

General Chimney Inspection

chimney_relining_packOur tradesmen can carry out a full inspection of your chimney from the fireplace, stove or appliance right up to the chimney pot. This inspection should help uncover any indication of damage in the flue shaft and establish if there is any damage to the chimney stack.

The inspection will also enable us to provide you with an assessment of the damage should you need this for you insurance company.

If after the inspection further investigation is required or the cause of the damage is not clear then we can carry out CCTV inspection of the flue shaft from top to bottom.

Chimney Surveys via CCTV

We can facilitate a full CCTV inspection of the inside of your chimney to determine if there is any damage, and the extent of that damage, after a chimney fire. This type of inspection is carried out from the fireplace, stove or appliance inside the property. Our tradesmen will ensure that floors are adequately covered ensuring your property is as clean as when we arrived.

Insurance companies often as you to have a CCTV survey carried out to provide evidence of chimney damage which may not otherwise be visible. We can provide a recording of the survey with a written report of our findings to assist in the process of filing an insurance claim to cover the cost of having the chimney repaired.

A comprehensive survey and survey report detailing any problems with the chimney and related issues are essential when pursuing an insurance claim.

Assistance with Insurance Claims

We know what is needed when filing an insurance claim and can assist you with your claim for the purpose of having chimney damage repaired.