Chimney Relining

Our chimney relining service

  • Our experienced and trained tradesmen have specialist training and knowledge in fixing chimney problems.
  • We can carry out a comprehensive survey and produce a report detailing any problems with the chimney and any other associated problems .
  • Installing a stainless steel liner is a cost effective, fast and convenient method of relining when comparison with other chimney relining or repair solutions.
  • Less disruption during installation – often we do not even have to make holes in your walls which is almost inevitable with conventional chimney relining.
  • Our staff can help you with the handling and processing of insurance claims.
  • We are proud of our good reputation and in the unlikely event of a complaint this will be dealt with promptly.

When should a chimney be relined?

  • To ensure maximum efficiency and reduce heat loss we recommend installing a chimney liner when a solid fuel stove or a oil/gas burning appliance is being installed
  • If your current chimney liner is cracked or broken it can leak fumes or smoke into your home.
  • When you want peace of mind that the smoke and fumes from your fire are being removed as efficiently as possible with minimum risk of carbon monoxide entering rooms in the property.

Benefits of relining using chimney liner

  • Flexible chimney liner is made in one continuous piece so there are no joints to leak.
  • The fixed diameter of the liner ensures and even and free flow of smoke and fumes up the chimney.
  • Your chimney can be relined in one day causing less disruption to the household
  • Our chimney liner is normally installed inside the existing clay liner and then attached to the chimney pot. The space between the old clay liner and the new stainless steel chimney liners is then filled with vermiculite insulation to help to retain the heat in the flue and increase the draught on the chimney.
  • Peace of mind and safety – a flue liner reduces the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning.