Chimney Damage

Chimney Damage Causes & Consequences

Chimney damage can occur to any chimney with various causes and consequences, some examples are as follows;

  • Storm Damage can cause an old or weakened chimney to move or even collapse
  • Internal water damage can occur where a lead flashing has failed or where there is cracking to the chimney stack structure.
  • Water can make its way through the chimney structure causing damage to internal walls.
  • Chimney fire is the most common cause of chimney damage, a chimney fire can cause both internal damage to liners and external damage to the chimney stack structure.

Country Stoves carries out a full inspection of the chimney and flueshaft to ascertain any damage.

Dangers associated with Chimney Damage

The dangers associated with chimney damage can include;

  • Carbon Monoxide poisoning as smoke and fumes can escape from a damaged flue shaft into the property.
  • Chimney movement or even collapse
  • Water ingress and mould growth on internal wall surfaces
  • Chimney fire


To ensure minimum risk you should have your chimney;

  • Cleaned and maintained regularly
  • Visually inspect your chimney breast and associated walls inside and from ground level outside the property

If any damage can be seen or your chimney is not performing as well as it should be then contact us and we’ll be happy to advise you over the phone, and if necessary arrange an inspection.