Hunter Herald 6 CE Flat Single Door Stove


Fuel Type Multi-Fuel
Output 5.5 -6.5 kw
Price (inc VAT)

£ 850.00

12,000btus Stainless Steel Boiler, Canpoies, Flue Damper, Double Doors, Wood Kit, Spark Guard, Brass Fittings, Colours


Cleanburn, External Riddling, Airwash, Traditional Style, Top or Rear Flue

The single door gives you a wider viewing space. Choosing the door is just your first step; next decide whether you'd like the optional canopy or back boiler (capable of running two additional radiators), and which finish will complement your room.
CE Tested and Approved.



Width: 580 mm


Height: 567 mm


Depth: 406 mm


Flue: 6 inches


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Hunter Herald 6 CE Flat Single Door
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